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A Bit About Me

I've been a writer since 1989. 

I was published twice that year—once in a statewide anthology, and once in the local newspaper. Granted, that was 4th grade, and both my published works were heavy with iambic pentameter. But my mind was made up. I was a writer. From then on, I was satisfied to publish the occasional magazine article, newspaper column, blog, newsletter, and even a complete how-to of indoor container gardening (the latter being one of the greatest hypocrisies of my career, given that I've only kept two plants alive my entire life... actually, that number could still go down).

It wasn't until 2013 that I considered the possibility that I wasn't just a writer... I might be an author. As in, books! A book boiled in my brain for five years. It was called Wifeology: A Field Guide to the Wife In Her Natural Habitat. Halfway into it, I wrote a script for a short film and realized that writing fiction held a powerful allure for me. Another idea began to boil—an epic novel. Halfway through that, I had to decide which one to finish and birth it into the world.  

So I chose Wifeology. I wanted to serve mankind before entertaining them. I learned about myself through that process.

But then I finished my first epic fiction, and something ignited in my soul. I realized what kind of author I am... I'm a storyteller. I want to inspire, delight, and ignite others through amazing stories. I can still name three fiction books that changed and shaped me as I grew into the person I am. I want to be that person for someone else.

I am first and foremost a daughter of the King, then a wife to the most handsome man on the planet (trust me, I'm an author), and a mom to the three cutest kids alive. I'm an Arizona born girl with mostly Scottish DNA, now proud to call myself a Washingtonian. Most days you can find me drinking coffee, singing, and talking to myself. I never say no to British, Mexican, or Hawaiian food.

I believe in the power of stories to challenge minds, cheer souls, and change hearts. 

I'd love to hear from you!

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