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Stories should have impact. Whether they change your opinion, expand your views, or soften your heart, great stories have power. A well crafted tale should transport you, entertain you, and leave a mark. It's why God's Son chose to teach His most powerful lessons through story.

And that's what my stories are all about.

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Iris Jacobs wants to be taken seriously.

She’s a newly minted college grad, ready to take on the world of historical research. What she finds instead is high rent and a job posting on a tacky flyer. Soon, she’s blowing bubbles while leading songs she doesn’t know, and calling BINGO games while breaking up fights for elderly dementia patients in a nursing home. She’s immersed in a world where you can’t believe a word anyone says.

Except one man. There’s something different about him. Psychiatrists have declared him incompetent because, although he appears to be in his eighties, he claims to be a twenty-four year old master craftsman from Scotland. Strangest of all, his story checks out… about a hundred years too early.

If Iris chooses to believe him, their unlikely alliance will test everything she believes about faith, love, friendship, and most of all, herself. Her quest to bring about his freedom will shake the very foundations of Time itself… and could cost her everything.


Time Tree ~ The Emergence

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Time Tree Chronicles ~ Book 2

Time Tree: The Guardian

Iris Jacobs stands at a crossroads.

An adventure beyond time has changed her entire reality. Now she’s struggling to pick up where she left off, both in life and in love… to find a new normal. 

That’s when she discovers that a man she believed was a simple high school teacher actually lives under a secret identity, part of a clandestine worldwide organization. He approaches her with a mysterious job offer that could be the career she’s always dreamed about. The catch? She can’t breathe a word of it to anyone, not even the man she’s just beginning to love.

The deeper Iris goes, the more she finds herself irresistibly drawn into a history that shifts the universe around One Person who’s deeply in love with her. At the same time, she’s forced to confront a darkness that she never knew existed as an old enemy returns, intent on revenge, and ancient evils join forces to destroy her. As lies and darkness collide with Truth and Light, Iris’s doubts could be her downfall. 

Can she stake her safety on her new identity? 

Will she find the courage to protect someone who deserves to be lost? 


Time Tree: The Guardian

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Also by Lisa Rae Morris...

A Field Guide to the Wife
In Her Natural Habitat

Christian husbanding is a big task... but it doesn’t have to be scary.

When you read God’s commands to “live with your wife in an understanding way” and “love her as Christ loves the Church,” do you get overwhelmed? Has God set an impossible standard for husbands?

Wifeology is here to help. In plain English, I’ll show you not only what God is asking, but how doing it His way is a huge stress relief, what a practical difference it can make, and why it matters in the grand scheme of things. Then I’ll give you some robust tools for working it out at home and alongside your brothers in Christ.

See Wifeologist.com for details! 

Click here to get your copy!


Wifeology: A Field Guide to the Wife
In Her Natural Habitat

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"To write well, express yourself like the common people, but think like a wise man."



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